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Stellated icosahedron

26 Feb 2006
Buckyball printed using split layout feature

Version 1.0.291 (now available) supports creation of the buckyball, also known as the truncated icosahedron, or soccer ball. This version also supports split layouts. This feature enables groups of faces to be printed separately. This makes it easy to print faces on differently colored paper.

I chose to assemble this by putting everything together flat and creating a huge net layout, then putting it all together. The second picture shows what it looked like when I had put the entire net together.

To create this shape, you would do the following:

  • Shape / Create / Compounds / Buckyball
  • Layout / Split...
  • (In the split layout dialog) New / Set destination (this creates a new layout division and makes it the destination for all move operations)
  • Move to the first face named beginning with P (pentagonal face names begin with P, hexagonal faces with H)
  • Alt-M to move the face to division B
  • Repeat the above for all pentagonal faces
  • Click Done. The new division B is now shown. Faces in the original default division are no longer visible
  • File / Print using whatever paper you want to use for the pentagons (I used white for the pentagons - my putative icosahedron has a blue exterior and a white interior, so the pentagonal faces, which are formed by slicing off vertices of the icosahedron, would be white)
  • Layout / Default to switch to the default layout
  • File / Print using whatever paper you want to use for the remainder of the shape (I used blue)
  • The buckyball (named after R. Buckminster Fuller, the well-known engineer who popularized geodesic domes and was a prolific visionary) has many interesting properties. There's even a molecule with a similar structure, buckminster fullerene.


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