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Model Gallery Spikey 3-frequency geodesic of an icosahedron

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Stellated icosahedron

Spikey 3-frequency geodesic of an icosahedron
7 May 2006
Cumulated 3-frequency geodesic breakdown, on cardstock, using four colors (five faces per color)

I started with a 3-frequency geodesic breakdown of an icosahedron, stellated it 85%, and split the face groups into four divisions, each of which was printed on different paper. This has 540 faces and other things (work?!?!?) slowed down the project a little, so I have taken a few pictures while construction was in progress. You can see Hedge in the gallery, for example.

I put this together in four pieces, which was helpful both in terms of splitting up the large amount of time needed for a large model like this, and to make assembly easier.

Another thing I found while putting this together is that binder clips are helpful for putting these heavy coverstock-based models together.

And when it was 75% assembled it made an - interesting - hat...


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