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Model Gallery Dodecahedron-Icosahedron compound

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Stellated icosahedron

Dodecahedron-Icosahedron compound
10 Mar 2006
Dodecahedron-Icosahedron compound on white cover stock

Special thanks to my nephew Trad for helping me put this together. As it turns out you can create this shape with any version after 1.0.286 by using 1/phi as the ratio for k-stellation of an icosahedron

This compound has 120 faces. I'd like to do one using two paper colors to make the compound more visible, but in one of these pictures you can clearly see the triangular shape of an icosahedron face. The pentagonal faces of the dodecahedron are also visible. You can usually see either the outline of the dodecahedron or the outline of an icosahedron, but not both at the same time.


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