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Stellated icosahedron

Koopah Troopah
21 Mar 2006
Koopah Troopah, which is actually...

< brooklynese >Hey Mario! Watch out for dose Koopas! Don't step on none o' dem...</brooklynese >

OK, this is just the top third of a 3-frequency geodesic breakdown of an icosahedron, stellated 85%. As it turns out, this has been a little tricky to build because of the intense stellation. I think 70% would have given it more of an Epcot effect, which is what I wanted, but this is going to be cool..

There is some natural deformity in the way this goes together due to the stiff nature of the coverstock and the stellation used.

To create this, do this:

Shape / Create / Icosahedron

Shape / Geodesic / 3-frequency

Shape / Stellate / Other... / 85%

I separated the faces into 4 groups so I could print them on different papers (and assemble them in units - this model has 20 * 9 * 3 or 540, count them, 540 faces...


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