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Mr. Pumpkinhead
28 October 2007
Mr. Pumpkinhead is coming to get you, kiddies!

Yet another Blender design, with source available:

Blender source for entire model;

face - Papercut shp format; face - Blender;

back of head - shp; back of head - Blender;

legs - shp; legs - Blender.

You can download the pdfs in three parts: face, back of head, and legs.

As I sat before the table

Paper, razor, glue enable

Pumpkin model, odd construction

For completion, not destruction

Suddenly came inspiration

Amidst cusswords and perspiration

Incomplete as it was sitting

On my shoulders easily fitting

For a photo shoot I took it in my chamber, just two pics and nothing more.

Bizarre visage thus presented -

To be googled or bit-torrented

Just an untouched jpeg or two - just two pics and nothing more.

This alone will scare the neighborhood kids down to the core,

A paper pumpkin, nothing more.


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