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Stellated icosahedron

Kepler's Stella Octangula
4 Feb 2006
Test model, in cardstock

Finally released a new version, 1.0.286, which supports Kepler's Stella Octangula (pictured here) and k-stellation. K-stellation is just a word I invented for stellation where you break down each triangular face into four parts (like a 2-frequency geodesic) and transform the middle triangle into the base of a tetrahedron. Kepler's Stella Octangula is just a K-stellated tetrahedron. K-stellation can only be done to regular polyhedra (currently).

Also note that this new version uses a different method for stellation. The percentage value (the model shown here is 100%) is the relationship between the longest pyramid edge length and the longest original face edge.


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