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Stellated icosahedron

Software Development: art or science?

If you were looking for the place to download the latest version of Papercut, go here or select the History link. The latest version is also always shown on the home page.

Technology-related content for Papercut also goes here. For starters, here's current documentation on the shape file format. Here are some example shape files as well:
cowlespeak.shp - photocube with image files (also in gallery)
tetra-varsubst.shp - basic tetrahedron with variable substitution
dict-test.shp - shape-specific dictionary entries
cube-octahedron-compound.shp - a slightly more complex shape, the cube-octahedron compound (also in gallery)

A recent computational geometry exercise is described here. Basically, what is the optimal method for determining whether the interiors of any two polygons intersect?

Placeholder for rants and opinions related to software development, architecture and methodologies. In a nutshell, I think there are a lot of good ideas that fall down miserably when it comes to implementation. There is no substitute for consistent application of style, sensible commenting, and a sensible peer review process. More on all that later...

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