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Stellated icosahedron

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Ver (readme) Setup Full installer Source Comments
1.1.1 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-1-1-setup.msi 5.0mb Full setup First release built with VS2005 Enabled image rotation using a very slow method, and fixed a number of bugs related to importing arbitrary .off shape files from Blender. There are more edge conditions related to edge winding in OFF import. Hopefully they have all been nailed now, but the test cases take a bit of time to work through.  
1.0.299 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-299-setup.msi 2.1mb Full setup Fixed bugs in 3D shape import and layout calculation. More complex 3D shapes came out unhinged, and layouts ended up with overlaps (this has been a problem for some time). The solution to the overlapping layout problem required a bit of computational geometry speculation which resulted in an interesting solution.  
1.0.298 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-298-setup.msi 2.1mb Full setup First version with some level of 3D shape import. Other bug fixes include a bug which affected creation of Escher's solid.  
1.0.297 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-297-setup.msi 2.1mb Full setup This is mostly a bug-fix release. There was a problem with the accuracy of angles in the rhombic dodecahedron which has been fixed. The shapedef syntax has now been expanded to support creation of the rhombic dodecahedron and other rhombus-based shapes. Other defects in the .shp file format have been corrected. The Escher's solid shape included with the distribution has been corrected based on the updated rhombic dodecahedron angles.  
1.0.296 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-296-setup.msi 2.1mb Full setup Added rhombic dodecahedron. This is the first solid PaperCut is capable of producing with quadrilateral faces which are not equiangular. It is also a space-filling polyhedron. Fixed cumulation of non-equiangular quadrilateral faces. This enables Escher's Solid to be generated from a rhombic dodecahedron.  
1.0.295 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-295-setup.msi 2.5mb Full setup Removed some useless user interface stuff. Added right-click add polygon. Added save shape definition file. Added blank tab and no tab options. Added open souce license to distro. Need to add it to setup. Added more shapes. We now have all but 3 of the Archimedean solids.  
1.0.294 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-294-setup.msi 2.5mb Full setup Added cumulation of square faces. Added small rhombicuboctahedron. Chased down what I thought was a bug in tab labelling but it would not break for me.  
1.0.293 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-293-setup.msi 2.5mb Full setup Baseline revision added to svn at Added truncated tetrahedron and truncated cube. Shape definitions for Shape / Create now read from papercut.shapedef. Changed licensing from freeware to Open Source (ha ha, big difference - just kidding). Some of the places where I'm supposed to display license info might not be updated, though.  
1.0.291 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-291-setup.msi 3.5mb Full setup n/a Added snub cube, north pole orientation (for some shapes), and icosahedron-dodecahedron compound. Some enhancements added to face clip/delete dialog (Shape / Clip/delete...) Added layout split feature to enable printing on different types of paper. Added image caption feature. Added buckyball (truncated icosahedron).  
1.0.289 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-289-setup.msi 3.5mb Full setup n/a Media Manager added (for copying content). More additions to variable substitution. Default picture scaling method for cube faces is now 96% of base. Added two new Archimedean shape primitives, the truncated octahedron and cuboctahedron.  
1.0.288 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-288-setup.msi 3.5mb Full setup n/a This release adds two new shapes, cube and dodecahedron. There are still problems with these - stellation is enabled but will cause a crash. Also the default image scaling used for cubes is more appropriate for triangles.  
1.0.287 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-287-setup.msi 3.5mb Full setup n/a This release adds some new features to text expansion. See readme.txt for details.
There is also a bug fix (a bug which was introduced in 1.0.286) where trying to stellate with ratios less than 57.735% (tan 30) would crash.
Shape / Clip has been added. This displays all face groups hierarchically and allows the shape to be "clipped" to a particular face group.  
1.0.286 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-286-setup.msi 3.5mb Full setup n/a A few fixes and enhancements. Changes to tab text should make it easier to assemble by referencing the page another piece is on, as well as displaying the page this piece belongs on.  
1.0.284 alpha View readme details papercut-alpha-1-0-284-setup.msi 3.3mb Full setup n/a This is the first release using the .NET platform. You may need the .NET runtime. Not tested on pre-XP versions of Windows. Using new deployment system.  
1.0.281 alpha n/a Full setup n/a  

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