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Stellated icosahedron

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Setup:papercut-alpha-1-0-286-setup.msi 3.5mb
Full install:papercut-alpha-1-0-286-setup.exe
Readme[excerpt for version 1.0.286 only - click here for full text of readme.txt]
  1.00.286 (4 Feb 2006)
  A few fixes and enhancements. Changes to tab text should make it easier to
  assemble by referencing the page another piece is on, as well as displaying
  the page this piece belongs on.
+ Added K-stellation (after Kepler's Stella Octangula). This type of stellation
  increases the face count by 500% (as opposed to regular stellation, which only
  increases it by 200%).
+ Note that K-stellation does not currently work with faces > 20. You can
  do a geodesic breakdown of an icosahedron and do normal stellation, but
  K-stellation is not allowed currently.
+ For stellation, rename the original face to be orthogonal to the other two
  newly created faces. Do this for K-stellation as well as normal stellation.
+ Tab text now uses a font of a predefined size for the join text. Other information
  displayed on the tab uses a smaller italic font to display face name, page
  number, joining face name, and joining face page number.
+ Fixed build defect where Help / About doesn't show the current version number
+ Changed stellation (K-stellate and normal) to apply percentage to longest pyramid
  edge rather than longest epicenter segment. Percent stellation dialog still documents
  the old method, however.

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