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Stellated icosahedron

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Setup:papercut-alpha-1-0-291-setup.msi 3.5mb
Full install:papercut-alpha-1-0-291-setup.exe
Readme[excerpt for version 1.0.291 only - click here for full text of readme.txt]
  1.00.291 (26 Feb 2006)
  Added snub cube, north pole orientation (for some shapes), and icosahedron-dodecahedron compound.
  Some enhancements added to face clip/delete dialog (Shape / Clip/delete...) Added layout split
  feature to enable printing on different types of paper. Added image caption feature. Added
  buckyball (truncated icosahedron).
+ Added snub cube
+ Added icosa-dodecahedron compound. Can also be done with 1.0.286 and up by K-stellating with
  a factor of 61.803398874989484820458683436564% (2/(1+sqrt(5)), or the inverse of phi, the
  "golden mean").
+ Added buckyball (truncated icosahedron - take each vertex of an icosahedron and slice off a
  chunk - this truncation adds a new pentagonal face. See MathWorld
  for further info.
+ Started adding "north pole" orientation for some shapes. Currently set for tetrahedron, cube,
  icosahedron, buckyball and snub cube. Polar orientation for stellation goes towards point of pyramid.
  Doesn't work for images unless you enable image rotation (off by default, still not stable).
+ Changed behavior of clip/delete dialog to allow either clipping or deletion of multiple
  groups, with feedback as to the faces involved appearing in a text control. Reset button
  added to clear the current working set.
+ Added layout split. This allows different face groups to be assigned to separate layouts.
  Only one active layout is visible at a time. This allows different parts of a shape to be
  printed on different colored papers. The interface for this is REALLY rudimentary and clunky -
  I need to implement drag and drop. Another weekend...
+ Change default shape to cube, with a prompt to drag and drop pictures on it.
+ Add image captioning via right-click. Currently we use a fixed size relative to the
  text font and don't support captioning rotated images. Also only one line supported.
+ Some enhancements to page footers for printing.
+ This version has too many new features to be considered stable. It needs testing.

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