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Stellated icosahedron

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Setup:papercut-alpha-1-0-293-setup.msi 2.5mb
Full install:papercut-alpha-1-0-293-setup.exe
Readme[excerpt for version 1.0.293 only - click here for full text of readme.txt]
  1.00.293 (9 Mar 2006)
  Baseline revision added to svn at Added truncated tetrahedron and truncated cube.
  Shape definitions for Shape / Create now read from papercut.shapedef. Changed licensing from freeware 
  to Open Source (ha ha, big difference - just kidding). Some of the places where I'm supposed to 
  display license info might not be updated, though.
+ Added truncated tetrahedron. 
+ Added truncated cube
+ Add elongated square Gyrobicupola
+ Reading from papercut.shapedef. 
+ Fixed limitation in not being able to read files over 512k
+ Removed sample content. All those pictures were a nice touch but bloated the download. Need to make it
  available as a separate download.

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