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Stellated icosahedron

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Setup:papercut-alpha-1-0-299-setup.msi 2.1mb
Full install:papercut-alpha-1-0-299-setup.exe
Readme[excerpt for version 1.0.299 only - click here for full text of readme.txt]
  1.00.299 (24 June 2006)
  Fixed bugs in 3D shape import and layout calculation. More complex 3D shapes came out
  unhinged, and layouts ended up with overlaps (this has been a problem for some time).
  The solution to the overlapping layout problem required a bit of computational geometry
  speculation which resulted in an interesting solution.
+ Fixed bug in 3D shape import which caused open or "scissored" polygons
+ Fixed "bug" which erased concave attribute for tabbed edges. Tabs always fold the same
  way but the concave attribute of joined edges is not always obvious.
+ Fixed layout bugs which caused overlapping parts. A test for polygon collision was
  missing from the brute-force layout algorithm. The test added is based on a postulate
  for polygon intersection which is described at

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