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Stellated icosahedron

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Setup:papercut-alpha-1-1-1-setup.msi 5.0mb
Full install:papercut-alpha-1-1-1-setup.exe
Readme[excerpt for version 1.1.1 only - click here for full text of readme.txt]
  1.01.001 (28 Oct 2007)
  First release built with VS2005
  Enabled image rotation using a very slow method, and fixed a number of bugs related
  to importing arbitrary .off shape files from Blender. There are more edge conditions
  related to edge winding in OFF import. Hopefully they have all been nailed now, but
  the test cases take a bit of time to work through.
+ Changes to setup for vs2005
+ Still working with old winhelp but it appears to work. Need to convert to html help
- Need to fix OFF import edge winding problems with deathstar and chumby.
  Pumpkinhead is OK, though.
+ Fixed bug in persistence of rotation-enabled attribute

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