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paper modeling for Win32

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Stellated icosahedron

Create, decorate, print, cut out, and assemble paper models of geodesic spheres, geodesic domes, polyhedra, icosahedra, dodecahedra, photo cubes, Platonic solids, Archimedean solids, and more. Discover paper model construction and mathematical origami with this free open source software. Take pictures of your kids and make a really cool photo dodecahedron in minutes!

Latest alpha version: papercut-alpha-1-1-1-setup.msi release details (or view all versions)

538w 6d 12h 38m ago29th Oct 2007 01:28 PDT - Happy Halloween!

Finally, a new release is out. It's not up to my usual standards but has enough feature changes that I've started a new revision numbering cycle, and fixes some (not all) problems with .OFF import. Image rotation is supported in this release but is extremely slow.  
567w 4d 0h 9m ago11th Apr 2007 13:58 PDT - New release coming soon!
Yes, the hammers have been silent for too long, and the forge-fires have grown cold. But things are heating up again, and a new release is in the works. Many problems with OFF import have been fixed, partly due to me getting better up to speed with Blender. And I put this little guy together as a test (more images here):
607w 0d 16h 45m ago08th Jul 2006 21:22 PDT - Paper modelling MicroCon IV pictures available
I've put a few images from the PaperModel MicroCon IV held recently in Escondido on my image gallery at
I'm also in the process of preparing a new release with additional Archimedean solids and some fixes for printer margin handling that arose in the process of creating PDFs. I want to make all the models PaperCut creates available for download as PDFs, since some people want to make models of geometric solids but don't need all the design features... 

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is an open-source freeware program for creating paper models you can print, cut out, and glue together. It is mostly for fun. It does some cool things like generating geodesic domes and stellating shapes, and allows you to decorate them with pictures and text. All the pictures of models you see on this site were constructed using PaperCut. Click here to see some assembled samples.

You can create all kinds of geometric shapes - all the Platonic solids, many of the Archimedean solids, and lots more. Make a photocube or a photo-dodecahedron.

This is a preliminary alpha version. It works but lacks features and doesn't have a "wizard mode" and other things that would be handy, and doesn't print properly on some older printers.

The latest build of PaperCut is 1.1.1, from 29 Oct 2007.
First release built with VS2005 Enabled image rotation using a very slow method, and fixed a number of bugs related to importing arbitrary .off shape files from Blender. There are more edge conditions related to edge winding in OFF import. Hopefully they have all been nailed now, but the test cases take a bit of time to work through. (for full release details click here)

Download: papercut-alpha-1-1-1-setup.msi updated 29 Oct 2007 - 5.0mb
If that doesn't work, try the full install: papercut-alpha-1-1-1-setup.exe updated 29 Oct 2007 - 4.8mb.

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